Thursday , June 24 2021

An Egyptian astronomer hangs on Naba near the sunrise in the west

An Egyptian astronomer commented on a report near the sunrise from Morocco, Egyptian media reported, citing another Egyptian astronomer.

"What is attributed to the US space agency (NASA) that the sun will soon rise from the west is not true," said astronomer Astraf Latif Tadres, head of astronomy at the National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics.

"There is no direct site or source for NASA to announce such news that is nothing more than news, rumors or half-literal works to falsify the facts and attribute it to prestigious scientific institutions," he said.

"The organizers of these rumors and fake news are aimed at provoking fear and fear in souls," Tadros told the Egyptian Middle East agency.

"The sun does not shine on itself, but the emergence of sunrise and sunset occurs as a result of the rotation of the Earth around itself from the west to the east, so that the sun and all the celestial bodies, including the moon, the stars and the planets, shine from the east west of west. "

He added that "on the basis of this scientific fact, the trend of the North and the other conventional tendencies of the original is as it is now and can not be reversed because it means that the earth completely stops and then goes back to direction of the usual movement now, and this is impossible because the break of the earth means destroying, "he said.

"When the earth stops rotating, it will be torn apart, if it is not torn, it will cause unprecedented damage." The atmosphere will continue to circulate despite the earth's break, causing waves of powerful winds to blow up everything above the earth, leading to destruction millions of people, and the seas and oceans will come out of their paths and places to immerse the earth in a very short time, and then the survivors will drown and the magnetic field will disappear, resulting in a huge amount of lethal ionic radiation on the ground and fertilization n and the plant.

Egyptian media quotes Egyptian astronomer Ahmed Shahin, who says the dawn of Morocco is very close.

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