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Astronomers discover two planets similar to Earth – Al Manar TV – Lebanon


Astronomers have discovered two planets close to the solar system that are very similar to Earth and habitable. According to scientists, they look more like Earth than other planets discovered so far.
Astronomers publish the results of their work in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, and that the Tigarden star is a Class D red dwarf. This type of red star is usually small and dark. So it was only discovered in 2003, though 12.5 light-years from Earth.
In 2019, two planets were discovered orbiting the star
"Tigarden star b" and "Tigarden star c". The name was abbreviated to TG b and TG c for convenience. The mass of each of the two planets is equal to the mass of the Earth. The year of TG b is 4.9 earth days and the year of TG c is 11.4 earth days. The two planets orbit at the same time, which means that they always aim at the "sun" one-sidedly. Researchers admit that the composition of the planet's atmosphere cannot be determined, but they expect water in liquid form. The atmospheric density of both planets is 0.3 to 17 times the Earth's atmosphere.
While the measurements of the planets are close to ours. According to scientists, 60% of the planet's surface temperature is probably between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius. Planet TG c is colder, but there is still a chance that the water will remain liquid if it is on its surface.

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