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Astronomers warn of "new chaos" due to internet satellites

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Astronomers warn of "new chaos" due to internet satellites, Thursday 13 June 2019 01:05 AM

Translations – Abu Dhabi Astronomers have warned of the effects of launching dozens of satellites in space, saying that ultimately more stars can be made than they can be seen at night.

According to the newspaper Sun, British, Tuesday, the launch of 60 satellites in space within the Starlink project.

The project, which seeks to provide cheap and reliable internet services worldwide, is due to SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Mask.

The 60 satellites were transported by a space launch launched by the United States, and a satellite video was seen walking in a line that looked like a train carriage.

Some people who did not know astronomy quickly reported the presence of space objects when they saw that the satellites were moving at night.

Astronomers say that days after the launch of Starling's satellites, they observed their flight in orbit around the ground, indicating that they reflected the sunlight on their shiny metal surfaces, according to the American Astronomical Society.

The Starlink network will be at the legitimate end of a massive constellation of 12,000 satellites to provide Internet coverage around the world.

It is especially important to note that SpaceX is not the only one, as other companies are trying to launch satellites to provide low-cost Internet access.

The number of satellites on the Internet will reach tens of thousands in the coming years, which means they will be more than the stars that can be seen at night, the association said.

He believes that this can be detrimental to astronomy, including interference with the operation of space surveillance devices due to the reflected light and the light emitted by these devices.

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