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Bacteria will be more dangerous to human life than cancer and diabetes

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Bacteria will be the most dangerous for human life from cancer and diabetes from the Lifestyle website, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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Experts warn that superhero bacteria will be more dangerous to human life than cancer and diabetes by 2050 unless creatures that are resistant to antibiotics are developed. Experienced doctors have suggested that routine hospital operations can be very dangerous if general medicines become ineffective, they are concerned about the worsening of the antibiotic crisis, with concerns that drugs lose influence and are no longer able to treat many injuries. Reports released by The British Election Committee's General Election Committee on Health and Social Welfare said the government had not done enough to fight contractors. Antimicrobial agent.

Cancer patients often rely on antimicrobial drugs to protect them, because the immune system is weakened by chemotherapy. However, the report warns that patients may soon face painful decisions about whether they will continue to treat cancer or undergo surgery because the risk of death from microbial infections, may outweigh the benefits of treatment.

Although there are increasing threats, there is no new class of antibiotics that have been developed for decades, and research is declining because it is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies, this report shows new ways to finance potential treatments are needed to make them valuable to companies. Drugs. This could involve changes in patent law as well as ways in which pharmaceutical companies pay for antimicrobial drugs

The report found that digital medical devices for doctors and decision makers could significantly reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance, but showed that there were significant differences in instrument taking. It is estimated that strains of drug-resistant bacteria are responsible for 5,000 deaths per year. In the UK, and 25,000 per year in Europe, but experts say the number of victims could reach 10 million every year in the world, for the next thirty years.

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