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"Black Garlic" is a supernatural health asset we do not know

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Alabama – Sky News Arabic

The white garlic we know has many health and nutritional benefits, but we may not know that these benefits multiply with rare black garlic or the supernatural.

Black garlic is an ordinary garlic that has been exposed to moisture and heat at certain levels and for prolonged periods of time that may last up to 40 days. According to the Web site "Medical Web" specialist.

During this process, some compounds in garlic start to dissolve and destroy, lose their usual flavor and begin to get some sweet taste, and when converting ordinary garlic into garlic, the value of the garlic food product is slightly different from the ordinary garlic.

It is worth noting that the process of preparing and producing black garlic is a little complicated and not easy, making this kind of garlic in the normal markets difficult.

Black garlic contains concentrated amounts of important antioxidants. Some studies show that the content of black garlic in antioxidants exceeds the normal content of white garlic and contains more calories and fiber than those in white garlic.

The most important of its benefits are cancer control and antioxidants with a high content of black garlic help combat some chronic and serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes treatment due to the high allicin concentration in garlic and is more effective than normal garlic in the fight against diabetes. Blood sugar levels.

Black garlic improves immunity. As normal garlic, the immune system in the body, black garlic is beneficial to the immune system and even surpasses its white specimen.

Regular intake of black garlic also has a positive effect on brain health by helping the common face with mental and neurological diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

It is possible to eat black garlic to help you improve memory and fight diseases and illnesses.

According to experts, black garlic also helps to increase sexual desire even though it is still under discussion, but some ancient civilizations believe that black garlic can increase the desire and sexual performance of men in particular.

Some preliminary studies have shown that black garlic contains substances that help to treat damaged liver tissue, especially as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, which is a hope for patients with the liver. It also helps fight hair loss and hair spraying, especially when using black garlic, accompanied by a shampoo containing black garlic extract.

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