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Causes of inflammation of peripheral nerve diabetes

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Cairo – by Mohamed Salah – peripheral neuropathic is a common disease in some without knowing them and is infected by people as a result of exposure to some nervous organs of some health problems or disorders, and in the following lines we will identify the causes of the infection and the symptoms of inflammation of peripheral nerves and According to the site " web med– he said.

Causes of inflammation of the peripheral nerves

Causes of inflammation of the peripheral nerves

The report states that the incidence of peripheral neuropathy is a disease that many suffer as a result of exposure to the nerves of the limbs, arms or legs, some injuries, and other members of the body may be infected with this disease – inflammation of the nerves suffering from problems or inflammation of the peripheral nerves. Having a problem in the peripheral nervous system for transferring information from the brain and spinal cord to the body.

The report points to some of the leading causes that cause many problems, particularly inflammation of the peripheral nerves, including the following:

People with diabetes are at greatest risk of peripheral neuropathy.

– Lack of nutrients in the body such as calcium, iron and vitamin D, then increases the incidence of peripheral neuropathic diseases.

– Exposure or infection of a microbial infection, also due to the causes of peripheral neuropathy.

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy


Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy

There are many symptoms that help detect the incidence of peripheral neuropathy presented in the report, including:

– Embalming in the arms and legs is one of the most remarkable signs of peripheral neuropathy, which gradually moves from the hands and feet to the legs and arms.

– People with peripheral neuropathies are exposed to pain or tingling in the limbs and are designed for the limbs here and arms and legs.

"He may come with some cases not touching the subject, and the patient is very sensitive to that.

Increase the probability of imbalance during movement and during normal life as people with peripheral neurosurgery have a greater chance of falling on the ground while walking.

– There is a weakness in the muscles of the body may be up to paralysis with some cases.

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy

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