Saturday , October 1 2022

Commutation of the accused for assaulting the artist Zeina in Dubai


The Dubai Court of Appeal has appealed a fine against a US-Arab lawyer accused of mutually assaulting Egyptian actress Wisam Red Ismail, known as "Zeina," for just AED 5,000 instead of AED 10,000.

The Criminal Court closed the curtain after several hearings and sentenced both sides of the attack, the artist and her sister and an American family of Egyptian origin, after being implicated in a mutual assault at a popular hotel in Dubai, and fined 10,000 dirhams against all parties civil laws annexed to the competent civil court The lawyer, however, appealed against the decision and the Court of Appeal reduced the fine.

In the last hearing before the verdict, the Court of Appeals heard the testimony of a witness who happened to be at the restaurant when the incident happened. The witness said he heard the third defendant in the case, Zeina yelling and insulting a little girl and beating her in the arm. Zina's sister rushed to her mother and pushed her, then bit her. The father tried to save her, but the actress beat him in the arm, claiming that the father and mother "first and second accused" did nothing and he received a share of the attack when he tried to break the fight.

The head of the Dubai Criminal Court asked the two lawyers to defend both sides of the case if there was an intention or attempt to reconcile the parties, but responded in the negative, emphasizing the continuation of the trial.

The incident took place on June 29, when the Egyptian actress was sitting with her sister and my first child and her friend in a restaurant at a popular hotel in Dubai, and the atmosphere suddenly strained as she thought – the other accused's daughter was 12- year-old child, shot and attacked child In Arabic, she said "Hey animal", but the girl who shoots her brother did not respond because she did not speak Arabic – her father said.



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