Thursday , November 26 2020

"Demons" and "Heavenly" .. Derby Title – Statement

Manchester City is faced with the toughest test of the Premier League season when they travel to Manchester United's neighbors and stubborn rivals in the Manchester City derby 30th of the race. Manchester City is second in the table with 86 points, two points behind the Liverpool leader to win this postponed game as a big indicator of Manchester City's defense for the title. Manchester City should win in this game to get the lead with one point against Liverpool before the last three games each in the race.

Among other Manchester City matches this season, today's game will be the strongest, the toughest and the most important.

While Manchester City won a very valuable 1-0 victory over Tottenham on Saturday, Manchester United fell 0-0 on a loss of Everton on Sunday.

United Ulu manager Gunnar Solskayer did not hesitate to apologize to the fans for the heavy defeat and the team's performance against Everton.

But the apology is certainly not enough for the fans, as the team has to compensate their fans with a strong performance and a positive result in today's Old Trafford game, which makes it difficult to meet Manchester City.

City coach Josep Guardiola said his team knew anything other than the victory that would have cost the English Premier League title.

Manchester United, six points behind Arsenal and Chelsea, should win the game to revive their hopes to compete for one of four Champions League qualifiers next season.

His captain Ashley Young said the desire to be part of the Champions League next season would be enough incentive for players to shine and win in the derby.


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