Saturday , July 31 2021

Dirhama's 10 billion rise in bank investment in January

"Persian Gulf": Ali Asaad

The Bank's required reserves at the Central Bank increased by 0.5% to Dirhams 121.2 billion in January, from the central bank's total reserves and bank accounts of Dirham 276.0 billion.

The central bank revealed yesterday that the volume of deposit certificates in January increased by 0.9% to 139.4 billion Dirhams. Banks continue to increase their funding to the government sector by 1.1% (2.2 billion Dirhams increase) in January to reach 193.7 billion Dinara, while bank financing for the government sector is down 0.5% to 166.8 billion Dirhams. Banks increased their private sector funding in January by 0.4% (4.8 billion AED), with total funding of this sector reaching AED 1.134.9 billion, of which AED 797.8 billion were financed by the private and industrial sector, which is 0.6% (an increase of 5.1 billion AED). Total bank investment increased by 2.1% to AED 339.9 billion, of which AED 213.9 billion increased by 1.4% and capital investment increased by 2.9% to AED 300 million. , Private sector deposits increased by 0.2% to AED 1012.7 billion, and non-resident deposits fell 0.4 percent to Drs. 212.5 billion, with total deposits in the country's banking system at 1.755 trillion.

Banks have increased their capital base and increased 2.1% in January to jump to Dirhama 362.2 billion. At the same time, the provision for non-performing loans and outstanding interest rates increased by 0.1% to AED 90.9 billion in January.

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