Wednesday , June 16 2021

Elizabeth calls Britons to agree to "assemble"

LONDON (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth II stressed on Monday that the British should reach a "common ground for dialogue" in a position that is directly linked to the debate that breaks Britain into BRICCAST.

The government immediately turned its rare statements into the political sphere as a major push for its intense consensus on BRICEST. While Britain faced a serious stalemate almost two months before the planned withdrawal from the European Union on 29 March, some MPs urged the Queen to intervene and calm the British, worried about its future.

The queen seems to answer these calls in a speech to the Women's Center. The 92-year-old queen said the night before:

"Of course, every generation faces new challenges." "When looking for new answers in the modern era, it is better to accept proven recipes, such as dialogue, respect and respect for different views and agglomerations, to seek a common basis for dialogue.

"For me, these approaches are eternal and I recommend everyone to take them," said Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen praised the values ​​of this organization working for women, such as patience, friendship, a strong public approach, and taking into account the needs of others.


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