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FilGoal | News | News in Joule – Smouha within 8 clubs sign a memorandum of unloading .. Ammer Hussein refuses to answer

Since the race is over, some competing teams have begun to take new steps to avoid falling, the latest of which is an official draft of a memorandum requesting the lapse of this season.

The head of the Smouha club, Faraday Ammer, said in a "The president of a club collects the signatures of the clubs to file a memorandum to the Football Association for unloading the landing."

"We signed the memorandum. We signed the start of the season of the competition, but we signed fair arbitration and that did not happen.

On the other hand, he learned The eight clubs are already communicating to apply to the Fellowship Association and some of these clubs have already signed the note.

To his knowledge FilGoal.comThe eight clubs are (Smouha, Alliance of Alexandria, Military Production, Border Guard, Entebe, Petroge and Stars).

The head of one of the clubs who signed the memorandum – who preferred not to be named – in the statements The reasons why the clubs were challenged in their appeal.

The reasons are as follows:

first: The contest is irregular

In the sense that there are clubs that sit for months without sometimes playing a game, and this technically affects the players.

second: Inequality of justice

In other words, there are clubs that have European or Arab rulers because they have a strong financial opportunity to collect referees, and for some matches only four judges are run and some other games are run by six judges.

third: A field of absences

The last three rounds did not play at the same time for teams whose results overlap due to competition for survival or introduction, opening up a place for manipulation.

IV.: A list of 25 players

The Egyptian Football Federation decided at the beginning of the season to be a list of 25 players, and then to increase the number of players to 30 players who only took advantage of Achilles and Zamalek, thereby weakening some clubs and the strength of other clubs.

Finally, the club president, who wished to remain anonymous, came to the conclusion that "the memorandum will be presented within two days by Farage Amer, president of the Smouha club." He went on with Mr Hussein, chairman of the Egyptian Football Federation's Competition Committee, to respond to the club's move, but he refused to answer the question by choosing to leave it to the board of directors of the football federation.

The Egyptian League has witnessed strong competition this season to remain at the top, as 10 clubs are still in competition so far to the last place of the second level.

The hosts and stars have fallen officially in the second division, while Petrojet is in 16th, second and two rounds before the end of the race.

The Egyptian League Championship consists of 18 teams from 2015/2016, after the number of teams has fallen consecutively from 22 teams to 18 teams.

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