Saturday , July 31 2021

FilGoal | News | The EU is opening an investigation due to the controversial Simeon ceremony

The UEFA Disciplinary Commission has opened an investigation into the controversial signing of Serie A disputing coach Diego Simonei in Juventus.

Atletico defeated Italy 2-0 in the first Champions League game, and Simoney caught the spotlight with a spectacular goal from the first round of Jose Maria Maria Jimenez I from Rodjyllancos.

The coach of Argentina gave his back to the stadium and grabbed his own zone in an unusual shot of the football field before explaining what he had done.

Simeone apologized for his post-explanation, explaining that he meant the "courage of the players" against Juventus, and his goal was not to offend the opponent. Before resuming his apology before the Villarreal match. (See details)

Tcholo was postponed for European jail when he was sent to the first Champions League match against Arsenal last season after challenging the referee.

Simeone received a severe punishment by interrupting four matches, forcing him to see his players from the backstairs, the Marseille final, the European Super Cup against Real Madrid and the first Champions League group game this season.

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