Monday , June 21 2021

FilGoal | News | Video – Amir Mortada: I'll talk to Gross about Hafni. What happened in the transfer was unconvincing

"Yes, I talked to Christian Gross about Ayman Hafni, and what happened during the winter transfer was unconvincing or illogical," says Amir Mortez Mansour, chief supervisor of the Zamalek ball, the lack of a White Team container.

"There must be one rule to deal with all players," Amir Murtada told Zamalek Al-Youm through Al-Mehwar.

"Just as a player is replaced for a match because he is not successful in a previous match, there is another player when he plays and does not disappoint you." It is normal for him to participate in the next match to reward him naturally and football if the ball correct, it will be. "

"There are some things that happen with Gross's point of view, which is not convincing, and I do not see it as unwise."

"In the transfer window, Ayman Hafni and Ahmed Madbuly were confident of their departure, but Gross kept them very much for his needs, even though they did not take part in the matches," he said.

"By contrast, he agreed to leave Mohammed Ibrahim, who is more engaged in the games."

"We will have a meeting with the technical staff to adjust the course before the next games."

Asked about the delay in the amendment to the treaty, Mahmud Abdel-Monomey "electrified" said: "Compression games are the only reason and there is nothing more than that."

As for Mustafa Fati and his trauma, he said: "This is not a chronic disability, it confirms this."

"He was injured and did not say to participate in the games, but we talked to him and told us he had to be treated and returned only when he was completely ready."

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