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The Sudanese government announced a planned visit to Kuwait by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudanese Minister of Information and Communication, Beshara Jumaa Aror, told the Sudanese Press Service Center on Friday that Bashir's visit to Kuwait is under joint coordination on all regional and arabic issues, particularly issues affecting the region. During the visit, bilateral relations between the two countries and the Kuwaiti Initiative to resolve the Gulf crisis were discussed, reiterating Sudan's support for the Kuwaiti Initiative, stressing that Sudan supports this trend to overcome the crisis in the Gulf countries.

Kuwait has led the initiative to cure the rift between Qatar on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt on the other hand, following a Doha boycott. The provinces have 10 conditions that Qatar must fulfill to restore relations with Iran, the expulsion of Hamas and the Brotherhood The Sudanese Sudanese Tribune reported that Khartoum had declared his position of neutrality since the start of the differences and supported Kuwait's initiative aimed at peace.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Dardari Mohammed Ahmed said last November in an interview with the French channel France 24 that his country is at the same distance between the two countries.

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir met with the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad last week in the capital of Qatar Doha. The Catarin news agency said that various events and challenges were discussed over Sudan and the development of the Darfur peace process. The Sudanese Minister of Information and Communication has highlighted the strength of relations with Qatar and its ability to develop in different areas, and Khartoum-Doha relations will not disturb any changes.

Aaror pointed out that Bashir's visit to Doha is in support of relations between the two countries, highlighting Sudan's role in achieving peace and stability in the Arab region.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Dardari Mohammed Ahmed said in a press statement that the visit falls under the ongoing consultations between Bashir and his brothers on current political issues at Arab, Islamic and African levels and to inform Doha's efforts in Sudan in this respect. The Qatar Initiative for the unification of the parties in Darfur through the Doha document and the follow-up to the peace process and the arrangements made in Qatar in this respect.

In turn, Qatar's ambassador to Khartoum Abdulrahman bin Ali al-Qa'ayiyi underlined Doha's position with Khartoum to overcome the economic crisis and said Qatar was proud of its ties with Sudan, describing relations with Sudan as historic, sophisticated and rooted. Links forward.

A Saudi ministerial delegation held talks in Sudan's Khartoum capital with President Omar al-Bashir last Thursday to discuss the economic situation in Sudan, Saudi Arabian Trade Minister Majid al-Kasabi said in a press statement that the delegation's visit to Sudan is under the management of the guardian of the two holy swords. King Salman bin Abdulaziz, to strengthen economic relations with Sudan and to increase trade, announced a plan of action and a subsequent visit by Saudi businessmen to Sudan in this regard.

He stressed that the security of Sudan is security for the Kingdom, its stability is stable and that Sudan is entitled to any relationship with it from any other country. Because of its proximity and proximity to the presence of more than a million Sudanese working in the Kingdom, contribute to the revival.

"The Kingdom is not and will not be late to support Sudan, and there is scope for enhanced cooperation, which is confirmed and the coming days will reveal more," he said. "Sudan and the Kingdom are development partners and we will not be late in Sudan.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia has provided more than 23 billion rials, eight and a half of them over the last four years, and that this has become an obligation.

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