Tuesday , June 15 2021

Honer View 20 Muskino … a special edition for fans of technology and fashion

HONER, a smartphone company, joined the Italian fashion brand Moschino to release two special versions of its latest phones, Honer View 20, with two extra colors: Phantom Red and Phantom Phantom, in addition to the two common colors: black, blue sapphire blue,

The special version of "Honer View 20 Moschino" includes 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB of memory. And it is accompanied by a distinctive collection of screen backgrounds, decorated with the most famous symbols of Moskino and the most popular, especially among the lovers of the Italian fashion brand. The special edition includes a collection of rare accessories, including a phone envelope printed with the genarist character, the motto of the Moskino brand, and global popularity among high-end consumers. This smart phone reflects Moskino's distinctive features, fashion design style and revival, highlighting the potential of successful collaboration between the best fashion houses and the latest innovations.

"Our cooperation with the Moschino brand, which is known to create unique trends in the fashion world, has enabled us to make our product attractive to the tastes of young people around the world and allows them to express their independence and free spirit, says Chris Sun Peigong, head of the Middle East and Africa brand. Couture will release a phone that incorporates the latest technology with its design for advanced users who are advanced in technical knowledge and work. "

The new Honer's smartphone is at the forefront of the range of smartphones and is a powerful device that offers a wide range of features and specifications, especially the large battery and an attractive, wide-screen bezel-free screen. Honer View 20 Moschino launches new standards in the world of smart hugs with its elegance, contemporary beauty and power to be the favorite phone for fashion lovers and fashion lovers.


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