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How is the memory of men and women different from pain?

Posted on the site "Health
The American "report," in which he talks about how he remembers the man
Pain in women. Although men bear the pain better than women, they do it
This new study revealed that they are more upset and complacent when it comes to that
Remind them of this pain.

He told the site in his report
Which translated "Arabic 21The new study published in the magazine
"Carnet Biology" evaluates how men and mice are men
And female, of pain. Researchers have found that male and male rats recall painful experiences
Clearly shown and showed great tension and sensitivity when they returned to the same place
They lived with pain. But this tension does not occur in women and female rats.

It should be noted that
Pain studies that will help the researchers to see if the memory of pain
This is the driving factor behind this chronic feeling. They can handle the causes
Which encourages people to remember the pain.

The site added that the researchers
They conducted tests involving 41 men and 38 women between 18 and 40 years of age.
The participants were transferred to a separate room and put a hot tool on their sleeves. The participants appreciated
The pain they feel on a scale of 100 points.

Soon afterwards, they were placed
The blood pressure meter is inflated and exercised for 20 minutes. The next day he returned
Participants in the first test room. Men rated heat pain higher
Compared to what they felt the day before, women did not assess the degree of pain
They sensed it.

About that, he said
Jeffrey Mugel, the lead author of the study, said, "There was a reason why we expected to see
Increase pain sensitivity on the second day of the experiment, but not
There is a reason why we expect this sensitivity to be restricted to men. "

The website announces this
Researchers wanted to prove that the pain had increased due to previous memories of pain. So, they injected
A drug that blocks memory in the brains of male mice. When they did the experiment, they did not show up
Mice are signs of pain. Researchers have explained that this conclusion is important because
Evidence suggests that chronic pain is a problem if you remember it.

The site said Mugil has confirmed
When he turned to the subject of pain, he said: "In the past, pain tests
Only men, so it is difficult to compare the pain by sex. "The results reveal these
Study There are differences between the sexes in the way of remembering the pain.

– It is
The study confirms the notion that chronic pain is a memory problem. Maybe
Doctors treat memories of pain, not just pain. They can do that
Psychotherapeutic sessions or medications. For example, researchers have recourse to this
Recover memory for PTSD treatment. According to results this type can
From the treatment that is used to get rid of the pain.

The site pointed to this
Chronic pain is a major health problem affecting about 50 million Americans,
This figure represents more than 20% of the adult population in the United States. Mostly,
Miguel's team was impressed when they discovered the differences between men and women in humans
They also appear in mice.

– These are
The study refers to memory for pain or stress caused by pain. The man can remember the pain
Better than females, they were more nervous when they returned
This does not mean that men are more sensitive to pain but feel more tension
Download or remember.

And the place Mugil thinks he has
Explanation of the difference in the level of tension between men and women in terms of memory. in
– Said Dr. Samuel McLean, Professor of Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine and Medicine
Psychologist and director of the Institute of Traumatology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
"The results of this study show that evolution may have been depicted
How men predict or predict repetitive painful experiences differently than women. "
The way people expect to experience what affects the amount of pain, says McLean
Which they are experiencing during this time.

In a statement, McLean said
"Doctors recommend avoiding the use of phrases such as" will hurt you "or
"You will feel a small toad" when injecting anesthesia into the patient;
Such observations actually increase the experience of the pain of man. "

Finally, the site reports
That men who suffer from pain permanently after living for painful, similar events
Automotive catastrophe, they have less ability to cope with the pain in time, something that can
This is due to the biological differences revealed in this study.

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