Sunday , June 13 2021

In Detail … Movies and Honors Aswan Film Festival Women

The Aswan International Film Festival has announced the participation of 32 films that compete for the long and short film awards at its third session, which will take place from February 20 to 26.

The films are produced this year, some of them are exhibited for the first time, others have participated in the most important international festivals and are presented for the first time in Arabic and African languages.

The Yemen film "Ten Days Before Zafeh" was directed by Amr Gamal, produced by Mohsen Al-Hulaifi, starring Sally Hamada, Khaled Hamdan, and Mohammad Naji Burak.

The contest also features "Before my father's return", a French-German-Georgian production, directed, screenwriter and debated by Marie-Julliani.

From Lebanon, "Walking and Beyond" will be directed and directed by Cynthia Chokayr, featuring Sabina Chokayer, Tamara Palmer, Colin Kinz, Jean-Dame, Jean Sebastian Lopez.

The competition will also include "Desert Frame", directed by Sinara Aroud and starring Zalani Idrissi and Qods Jandal.

The film "Girls from the Game", a French-German production, was also directed and directed by Alina Skrzoska, and from China "Girls Always Happy" was directed and directed by Jan Ming Ming.

Greece will participate in the movie Sacred Script, directed and screenwriter Maria Lafi and with the participation of Nina Minti, Adrian Anastasia Rafaela Connidi and Manu Spiros Ballesterous.

The film "Land", directed and screenwriter by Vesakis Chandrasekram, will also be shown, and Laszlo Nemes will star in the film "Sunset" by a French producer, starring Julie Jacob, Vlad Ivanov and Evelyn Dubos.

Christie Garland's "What Do You Want Loyalty," a Danish-Palestinian Canadian production starring Wala Khaled Fauji Tangi, Latifa Abu Draha.

In the short film section, 20 films from Spain are presented, with the film "Battshot" directed and directed by Maria Alvarez, with Rosa Ereras, Jaime Gonzales, Alicia Fernandez and David Ramos.

The film "Dates," directed and directed by Hagar Abdel Bari, with the participation of Hajar Abdel Barri, Aziza Aid, will also be shown in the UAE.

From Egypt, the film Shifa will be screened and directed by Umniah Okasha, Tamer Tamer, Marwa Keshk, Mohammad Yousuf, and Denmark will star in the film "Bakhous" directed by Ricky Planita as well as the City of Memories.

Morocco takes part in the short competition with the film "Haiti Amira" directed by Fiessel Helmi, and the French film "Do not ask your way" will be shown and directed by Deborah Hos, while the film "Thermostat 6" and "Jackie" will also be shown by France.

"The Forest" was directed by Lea Talta, "Forfuro" by Carina Logots, and "Hector Marlotte" was directed by Jacqueline. to use function.

Lebanon will compete with the movie "Coffee Time" script and directed by Gloria Touq, starring Cynthia Touk, Nadia Fakhri, Youssef Touq.

From Egypt "Naval" is a script directed by Ibrahim Garib and "Nine and Ten" from Spain.

"The Little Fish and the Alligator," produced by Germany and the Republic of Congo, directed by Stephanie Platner, a screenplay by Dorthy Noel.

The film Timmy, a Belgian German-Belgian production, directed and directed by Lubo Yunchev, with the participation of Konstantin Girginov and Stoyan Tsvetkov, also participates in the competition.

The competition includes Italian production "Role", directed by Farnus Samadhi, featuring Mina Sadat, Babak Hamdan, Amiraza Ranjran and Diana Deyan.

It was decided to honor the artists Mona Shalabi and Mohsen Taufik as an acknowledgment of their artistic career and advocacy for women's issues.

The jury of the Long Film Competition, headed by Lila Aloui, includes French producer Jacques Bajdu and Elias, founder and chairman of the Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon, Dutch producer Elizabeth Dryzin and Swad Hussein, former director of the film's program. French actress Julia Mirezova, which includes Egyptian star Yusra Al Lozzi and Jordanian director Yahya Al Abdullah.

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