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Inspiring family photos between the UAE and Spain



Abu Dhabi (Al-Ittihad)

Gallery 421, Abu Dhabi's local art and design destination, will host the "Do not Forget: The Universal of Family Photos" exhibition, which will explore the common features of a wide range of family photos that are not linked between the UAE and Spain, from 12 June to 28 July 2019. The exhibition organizes a panel discussion to discuss the importance of local images, as well as the launch of a book for cataloging the works involved in the exhibition.
The exhibition is under the supervision and technical evaluation of the Lest Forget initiative in collaboration with the Spanish artist Maria Jose Rodriguez Eskolar. The exhibition includes various unrelated images made by families living in two separate worlds between the United Arab Emirates and Spain during the last decades of the 20th century. When you see family pictures shown side by side, unexpected links appear, revealing common features that deeply resonate between these different family photos.
Faisal Al Hassan, director of Gallery 421, said: "We are very proud of our ongoing cooperation with the local education authority, not to forget the initiative, especially with regard to our deep exploration of the history of our region and our humanitarian heritage that unites us and reinforces our rapprochement and rapprochement. "These efforts are in line with the values ​​and objectives of Annex 421 and we look forward to encouraging the local community to participate in the exploration of stories and stories from the past in the UAE with distinctive photographic content."
"Family pictures reflect the attention of people, places, activities and moments that are most emotional and intimate, we know that people who have taken, shown, maintained and watched are important moments for promotion," says Dr Michelle Bambling, Creative Director of Lest Forget. Human communication. The new exhibition and accompanying art book focuses on sealing family photos from the inviolability of their albums and presenting them to others to present them directly to the public to explore the common features of experience, thoughts and human feelings in all images. Which, we think, is an ideal celebration of the Year of Tolerance in the UAE. "
The exhibition marks the Year of Tolerance, where a panel discussion will take place in the evening of the opening day to present three unique perspectives on the similarities between people living in different parts of the world. The seminar will be attended by HE. Mr. Zachi Anwar Nusaybeh, Minister of State, artistic value Dr. Michelle Pampling and the artist Maria Jose Rodriguez Escobar who will discuss the importance of local images as an expression of collective memory and cultural identity and discuss how family photos can enrich intercultural understanding . Powerful, effective and unique.
The Year of Tolerance in the UAE coincides with the fifth anniversary of the Do Not Forget Initiative under the patronage of the Salamanga Band Hamdan al-Zayhan Foundation.

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