Tuesday , July 27 2021

Juventus News: Real Madrid players are angry at Ronaldo's gestures against Atletico Madrid


Sport 360 – Madrid – Real Madrid is furious with the strange gestures made by former Cristiano Ronaldo during the match against Atletico Madrid in the middle of last week.

Cristiano Ronaldo rebuked Atletico Madrid's whistles in Wand Metropolitan with a five-finger move and a sign that he has five Champions League titles.

The Portuguese did not hesitate to repeat the same after the end of the match, saying in a mixed interview with the press that there are five titles in the Champions League for zero titles for Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid's camp believes it will be easier to deal with Atletico Madrid than with Juventus if they meet in the later stages of the Champions League because they are aware of Ronaldo's seriousness over the goal.

Journalist Eduardo Enda revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo's statements to journalists have angered his former colleagues in Real Madrid in an interview with the Spanish TV program Al-Tarjivito.

"Everyone in Real Madrid hopes that Atletico Madrid will be able to remove Juventus from the Champions League because Juventus is one of the biggest candidates for the title," said Edouardo Anda, editor of the Ok Diary daily.

And Cristiano Ronaldo's gesture reminds Atletico Madrid that he has five Champions League titles and replies: "The players of Real Madrid are very angry at Cristiano because he seems to only win the titles of the last four."