Tuesday , June 22 2021

Launch of the electronic platform for Arab trade and industry by the end of 2019

Benefits to the public and private sectors

The Federation of Arab Chambers plans to launch and activate the electronic platform for trade, industry and logistics in the Arab countries until the end of 2019 after the necessary steps have been completed.

According to the information, the platform will benefit the public and private sector in the Arab countries, facilitating procedures, thus contributing to the flow of domestic trade and the free movement of capital.

The electronic trading platform will allow the exchange of information on trade, industry and logistics as well as information on the offers and offers presented by the public and private sectors in the Arab countries, especially with the world's reliance on information sharing.

According to the information, the Union is striving to have a new strategy to deal with global trade conditions as well as to increase trade between Arab countries, especially since the Arab countries are completely disrupted from the point of view of trade with other Arab countries due to political tensions and security in some Arab countries.

The information points out that this requires communication between all Arab countries to take advantage of the trade and industrial components and logistics in them to open the Arab-Arab markets for the private sector and to find a balance between the two countries. The size of Arab trade with the rest of the world.

According to the figures, the trade balance between the Arab countries is very modest and does not represent more than 3% of the volume of trade between the Arab world and the rest of the world, although there are advantages between these countries that contribute to increasing this exchange. trade between the Arab countries.

According to the information, the platform will provide reliable information in the Arab countries, especially in the field of auctions and auctions, large companies and the workforce, as well as the exchange of this information between the Arab countries as well as with other countries, especially countries with general councils and chambers. It has joint councils and chambers of commerce with Arab countries such as Britain, Brazil, Germany, France and America.

The platform will help Arab economic blocs to gain access to information on trade, industry and services and to exchange them easily with international economic blocs.

According to statistics, the number of participants in the conference and economic conferences in the Arab countries is decreasing due to the weakness of the information sought by investors and those interested in participating in these conferences but following the completion of the steps of the electronic platform This is strengthening and strengthening the relationship between Arab investors and their partners in other countries, thus increasing the volume of trade.

According to the information, the platform will contain all the information related to the laws and rules of trade and investment in the Arab countries, import and export procedures and the requirements for the creation of companies wishing to work in the Arab countries and will include all the information about the major Arab companies and their products and services.

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