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Mohammed bin Rashid: Impossible is not in our vocabulary and will not be part of our thinking and our future

The Vice President of the UAE, the Prime Minister and the ruler of Dubai, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, launched yesterday an unprecedented governmental initiative through a ministry that adopts a non-traditional virtual work system. He reinvigorates government systems, community behavior and proactive thinking by taking important national files.

His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum began work on a number of tasks related to ministry's "impossible" stage one, including Proactive Services Management, Behavioral Awards Management, Skill Detection Management, and Public Procurement Platform Management .

Ministry of the Impossible represents the next generation of government practices and works on important national files that require swift, bold, and effective solutions, and its tasks include developing proactive and root-based solutions for specific topics within a specific timeframe. According to the dossier on the agenda.

"Our current reality in the UAE is a product of unconventional ideas for unconventional leaders," His Majesty sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum said. "Our ambitions for the future are not traditional and we need non-traditional systems to make them reality."

He pointed out that the future has many challenges that require constant renewal in the structure of the government and the way it works, emphasizing that the impossible is not in our vocabulary and not part of our thinking will not be part of our future.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said in his Twitter blog: "Today we have launched a new system in the UAE government, the Ministry of Impossible is an unconventional ministry without a minister whose staff are cabinet members, working on important national dossiers and building new government systems for the future. "

"The Ministry of Impossible will start work on several projects, including providing proactive services to the public and building an electronic platform to facilitate government procurement, reducing the time from 60 days to 6 minutes, and setting up specialized systems to detect the talents of each child in the UAE. "

Government practices

The concept of "impossible" strengthens the concept of governance by creating a platform for radical change in the government's work system to develop solutions to challenging challenges by adopting new and innovative business models and a mechanism of thought that supports the culture of perceived risk, of society and giving the world a new paradigm for the next generation of practices. Government organizations.

Cabinet and Future Affairs Minister Mohammed al Gergavi said the Ministry of Impossible is not a vacuum and does not create a whole new concept The UAE has embraced the culture of the impossible since its inception as the only and most powerful and progressive project in the region. Most active and proactive.

He added that the UAE leadership has always wanted to convey the concept of the impossible in the UAE's minds in the field of labor and life and to use all the potential, resources and energies and, most importantly, the willing and sincere will to make it possible.

His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has always emphasized that there is nothing to stand before the aspirations and aspirations of our young nation, and that the impossible word is not found in the vocabulary of the emirates, the leadership, and the people.

His Excellency stressed that the Ministry of the Impossible will deal with urgent government dossiers by working to find radical and proactive solutions to a number of urgent challenges to modernize all government services and procedures and to build a forward-looking working platform allows us to monitor development, economic, social and cultural needs.

Al-Gergawi said "the ministry of the impossible will work in partnership with all ministries and government and private agencies in the country to deal with the most urgent dossiers and will work within the framework of coordination to achieve the goals and results on a specific timetable."

Future jump

The Ministry of Impossible is a future leap based on successful experience and the pioneering development approach inspired by the leadership of the UAE from the approach of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahayan to bless God and his founding fathers in building the UAE and moving it to ranks of the most developed countries. world.

"Impossible" turns into the vision and thought of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum that "the impossible is not in our methodology and style of work and there is no ceiling for ambitions in the UAE." Needs are met in advance.

Institutional model

The ministry is working to consolidate the concept of an impossible, flexible business model based on the concept of living design. It adopts the thinking and style of the UAE leadership in the development of government work, reflects a new approach and method of work in all government practices and work and redefines the concept of management through changing systems and behaviors. Impossible culture.

The Ministry of Impossible works on priority national dossiers that require swift, bold, and effective solutions, including launching different initiatives and different projects, working groups involving joint tasks from various federal, local and private government agencies whose configurations vary according to filed dossiers .

The Ministry of Immunity, based in the Emirates Towers, Dubai, has data management aimed at supporting decision-making, promoting knowledge sharing, enhancing skills and capacity building at all levels, stimulating the culture of exploration and experimentation and establishing the impossible methodology as an institutional working culture in government. The workspace provides an ideal environment for efficient and efficient task execution.

The scope of the "impossible" includes the associated risks, the radical change in the work systems, the testing and testing of new government methods of work, and the selection criteria for this unique governmental initiative whose task is to radically change systems, of people in a tangible way, And related to the work of the government.

Proactive services

The Proactive Services department is working on developing a customer experience that accompanies it at all stages of life by providing pre-search services that cover different areas of government work and all categories of customers.

The department includes a team of specialists from several government agencies, experts in data analysis, personal data protection and user interface design. Members of innovative companies will be hired to support the work of the team with outstanding ideas for designing solutions for AI.

The Proactive Services department aims to meet customers' needs prior to the application, outlining the course of people's normal lives in the UAE and designing government services according to them, taking into account the needs of all clients and their integrity.

This task will be achieved through consultations with partners and stakeholders in order to align the "proactive services" with identifying areas of development through search for platforms and services, launching research, surveys and interviews with different segments of customers, exploration of the current services and areas of improvement, the Core Living Pathways think about how to make government services more active.

Behavioral Awards

The Behavioral Awards Division is one of the Ministry of Impossible files in the first phase, which includes a dedicated team of a number of ministries and government agencies as well as experts in programming, digital currency and Balchik.

The purpose of this department is to motivate positive and positive behavior among community members through a system of "prizes" that are given to those who are engaged in positive social behavior in the form of points that benefit individuals when paying fees from different government services.

The management will define a list of good behaviors, develop a system for calculating points and rewards, measure the good behavior of individuals, initiate initiatives to motivate society to adopt positive behavior, and develop a framework for government structures to add or change a list with behaviors in line with state policies. Certified for Government Transactions distributed to engaged persons.

Citizens' Skills

The Skills Deployment Department will create a favorable and enabling environment for citizens' skills, development and employment to support the development and future development of the UAE, develop a mechanism for studying the skills of citizens of all ages and groups, help them develop.

The Department aims to develop a mechanism for exploring the skills of individuals in the UAE and providing the necessary data to develop these skills. The team includes skills-building experts, talent survey, individual assessment, and members of innovative companies to support team work with outstanding ideas.

Government Procurement

The governance of the Public Procurement Platform is an outstanding mechanism for developing the government procurement process and targeting it to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, taking advantage of innovations in e-commerce.

The department aims to develop an easy-to-use public procurement platform that simulates the ease and speed of global Internet markets, improves government procurement for small and medium-sized businesses, and increases government spending efficiency by significantly reducing purchasing costs.

The platform will update public procurement policy to speed up public procurement, increase efficiency and reduce deadlines for the procurement process, develop an e-platform for the most demanding procurement with development potential covering more products and services, and launch a test platform to test the new experience in public procurement.

The team includes sourcing experts, financial policies, information systems, government management specialists and private sector partners, and the team will use exclusive ideas for representatives of leading global supply companies.

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