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Mohammed started a vocational school for youth from the UAE


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UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Governor of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has directed the launch of the Emirates Vocational School as the largest executive and vocational education system in the UAE and the region, aimed at bridging the gap between academia youth and practical needs in the labor market. It is a non-traditional school that implements the principle of collective participation in the executive education system and provides a renewed environment for participation based on experience, professional research and practical programs, in partnership with institutions, experts, professionals and professionals.

The launch of the school coincides with the celebration of the UAE on International Youth Day, which coincided with yesterday, where this new educational institution, with a similar pioneering model of education and training, is a gesture to the series of initiatives and programs adopted by the UAE to qualify the youth sector in all areas of development as a pillar. The major renaissance in the country, within the perspective of vision, provides human equipment, equipped with all the academic, scientific and professional tools to guide future development.

An unconventional experience

In this connection, N.P. Shama Bint Sukhail Al Mazruway, Minister of State for Youth and President of the Federal Youth Foundation, said: "The UAE Vocational School provides unconventional educational experiences that bridge the gap between academic academic experience and the labor market that is witnessing rapid changes in the development of the sectors. "This institution will accept the concept of lifelong vocational rehabilitation as an experience that will keep pace with and enhance theoretical knowledge and provide it with new experience and qualifications, especially in the sectors of future jobs," she added.

Al Mazruway said that Vocational School will be the largest educational and professional institution of its kind, offering hundreds of exceptional programs, relying on the collective participation model, drawing on the best specialized knowledge and professional experience in the global labor market and presents to the UAE youth.

She stated that "this initiative strengthens the approach established by our wise leadership, led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, God can protect him and translates the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, God keep him, to use all the opportunities and wealth of the state Empowering the youth of the nation, both men and women, as the most valuable wealth to be proud of, and with the belief of this wise leadership that the best training and equipping the youth guarantees the construction of a bud another country on solid footing. "She explained that the Federal Youth Foundation will monitor partnerships with stakeholders and individuals in public and private sector institutions, without providing proposals for vocational programs, training courses and executive courses for free to young people.

Youth management

The Vocational School for Youth will open its doors before the end of this year and will be fully managed by the youth under the umbrella of the Federal Youth Foundation, which will oversee the development and realization of its vision to provide advanced vocational training for young people in various sectors , through collective participation or crowdsourcing model "Teachers, using a rich and diverse suite of experts, professionals and professionals in the UAE to provide an excellent educational experience for young people in Desiring them to receive vocational courses and executive programs that enhance their skills, invest their time in continuing education and prepare them for the job market by defining realistic experiences, and allowing them to approach the thought and expertise of those leaders institutions and their aspirations as well as professional areas of interest It will also allow institutions, experts and professionals to provide public services and share their responsibility for the giving birth to young people's capacities, enabling them to attract the best talents and enable them to interact directly with young people.

Collective participation

The Vocational School will provide hundreds of accredited professional programs to UAE youth through collaboration with major government and private sector institutions. The successful and approved model will be implemented in many service sectors around the world, a collective participation model that is a remarkable success. Transport in the world is not related to car ownership but depends on the collective involvement of drivers and car owners; the largest media platforms do not rate their success with the number of contracts with journalists but the level of public involvement in production and interaction with content, as well as with the largest N hospitality car companies that do not have hotels or apartments, but rely on the involvement of apartment and hotel owners in the whole contribution of the platform, as well as many other examples.

Vocational School will follow this successful model, not only by hiring one teacher or offering a single curriculum, but will be among the largest in number of programs, courses and partners. The Vocational School will provide every professional and expert with the opportunity to offer professional programs to UAE youth in a practical way. The experience of the UAE Federal Youth Foundation shows that institutions are ready to give back to the community through community accountability programs where there is strong interest in young people.

The Vocational School will also focus mainly on young people in the UAE, aged 15-35, investing their time in continuing their education, improving their skills and preparing them for the job market through advanced vocational courses in various sectors and helping them to live realistic, to promote the concept of professional development Ability to detect skills early.

An exceptional initiative

The Council of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection for Youth has confirmed that the launch of the UAE Vocational School for His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, is an exclusive prospect of Dubai enhancing the future role of young people and integrating their constructive energies with the practical needs of the market. UAE, leading the way in the future, through a non-traditional education system, through advanced professional courses under the guidance of the Federal Youth Foundation to build partnerships with relevant institutions and professionals.

He noted that the launch of the UAE Vocational School in connection with International Youth Day reflects the conviction that wise leadership in the country's youth is a national priority in achieving the UAE's axes and goals in 2071 to provide a supportive environment for youth creativity

Youth events

Founded in 2018, the Federal Youth Foundation coordinates with local youth councils to develop an annual agenda for youth activities and events in the country and to ensure that the goals, plans, strategies and activities of these councils are consistent with the overall plans of the youth councils. the state in the field of youth.

The Foundation also creates and manages youth centers and clubs in the country, organizes events, workshops and activities in them, creates a database of youth councils, documents their data, activities and events in coordination with these councils and proposes various work programs.

Global Holiday

On 12 August, the UN selected the International Youth Day 2000 to annually celebrate the role of young people as key partners in change and to raise awareness of the challenges and challenges facing young people worldwide.

This year, she chose the renaissance in education, emphasizing efforts to make education accessible and accessible to young people. The slogan translates the fourth objective of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is to provide equitable and inclusive quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities. Education is an important tool for achieving the Sustainable Development Plan.


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