Thursday , July 29 2021

Mubasher Qatar explains the reasons for the boycott of the Arab countries in the country's system

"The Arab countries have been boycotting the Arab system since June 2017 because of the proliferation of Hamdin's organization and its branches in various countries to destabilize and divide them," the Mubascher Qatar channel report said. The Arab Quartet reveals continued support by Qatar for terrorist organizations and its intervention in the Interior of the Arab countries in addition to the use of their media trumpets to create chaos.

The Qatar-based report says the Qatar regime has deliberately fueled the conflicts among the people of a nation in the Arab countries, and has also hosted the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Doha to transfer its poison to the Arab countries.

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The report responded to the question why the Arab countries boycotted the Qatari system, which is the main and main supporter of terrorism and extremist groups in the Arab region, as well as the spread of propaganda ideas, using rumors to defend themselves after being revealed to the world.

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