Monday , June 21 2021

Netanyahu reveals an order for the Arab countries, "except Syria"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country's relationship is good with all Arab countries except Syria on his official Twitter profile.

Netanyahu told Rahila from the Warsaw Security and Peace Conference that relations with the Arab countries "are very good and improve all the time."

The Israeli prime minister said his country is working against Iran and is spreading every day in the region, including yesterday.

Netanyahu visited Oman earlier, met Sultan Cabus, and then declared his visit to Bahrain and then refused the order.

Channel 13 revealed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has conducted a series of secret talks with the late Prince Mohammed bin Zayed following the conclusion of the nuclear deal with Iran.

The talks, according to the channel, relate to coordination between the two countries on the Iranian issue and, on the other hand, the two sides discussed the attempt to launch a regional political process in the region.

On the other hand, the channel said it would reveal more details of the secret relationship between Israel and the UAE.

As Benjamin Netanyahu said more than once, the process of "normalization" takes place with the Arab world without progress in the diplomatic process with the Palestinians.

"It is now that we are in the process of normalization with the Arab world without progress in the diplomatic process with the Palestinians," he said.

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