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New Blood Tuning Nilsat's "Direct" 2019 Birds Channels Headed Search Engines and Children's Religious Songs

The frequency of Nilesat's Paradise 2019 Canal Channel has become one of the most popular channels in the world. Where the channel was broadcast in 2008, and the "Birds of Paradise" channel for children to provide distinctive and diverse content attracts everyone. Now there is no house on the Paradise Channel frequency. It is an educational and entertainment channel for children with religious songs in accordance with Islamic law. The Paradise Birds Channel also has the ability to communicate with the child and his / her education, join the kindergarten and school, and learn about the different educational stages. The channel managed to get a large number of followers of different ages and Arabic nationalities. This is the first TV channel that offers children's songs and programs. In this article we will find the new frequency of the Birds of Paradise Channel 2019.

Paradise Canal for Children

Recently the "Birds of Paradise" channel has gained popularity in the Arab world and has become one of the most popular 5 children's channels. It provides content that develops the perception of the child through which he can learn the things of Islamic religion and acquire good behavior and morality. Recently, Children of Paradise for kids has exceeded 2 million YouTube views. Children can subscribe to their own channel and track everything new. The channel also offers English songs to acquire new foreign language skills by listening and improving the language level. It also deals with family cohesion, which has now become fragile, and for discussing and solving family problems in a distinctive way. While the frequency of many children's channels and animation channels, but each mother is interested in the existence of the channel Paradox birds in particular to engage children with their content and wonderful songs.

The Frequency of Birds of Paradise

Here we will find the new frequency of the Birds of Paradise for children and we will be able to adjust the frequency of the NileSat satellite in Egypt and the Arab world. We will then provide you with new channel frequencies and we hope you will follow us.

channel frequency polarization Error Factor Coding speed
Wild birds 11315 27500 3/4 V

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