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New clothes resist the smell of sweat


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August 16, 2019 Uncategorized

The rise in temperature causes sweat, the demand for deodorants increases as the fashion designer creates a distinctive robe to get rid of these odors.

British fashion designer Rosie Broadhead said her idea was to design new clothes with useful living bacteria that will help the body get rid of bad odors once and for all.

Brodhead explained that the idea was to introduce beneficial bacteria into the towel to allow the presence of beneficial microorganisms to help reduce the odors emitted; promotes cell regeneration to benefit from ice immunity.

The British fashion designer has collaborated on odor-proofing design with Belgian Chris Calvert, a microbiologist at Ghent University who provided her with beneficial bacteria that are already on the skin, and has done extensive research into the causes of body odors.

Broadhead hopes to create a collection of sportswear using the same technology, believing that reducing body odors reduces the need for frequent washing of clothes, and tests show that beneficial bacteria survive after washing at 30 degrees with water.

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