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Opening of the declaration of the United States and Russia and Britain (file)

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Tuesday November 20 2018 08:47 AM The economic activities of the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival will begin at 19:00 at the Opera House, under the leadership of producer and screenwriter Mohamed Hefzi, amid a large crowd of art stars and filmmakers in the Arab Republic of Egypt And the world.

The festival will be broadcast through the DMC channel network using the latest technology and television transportation equipment to highlight the dazzling equipment prepared by the festival at the opening ceremony to show in an enchanting manner worthy of its value and history, festival management said in a statement. Festival management invites around 1,200 public figures and art and media stars in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the world, and makes sure to arrange several procedures and surprises to get out of the ceremony in the best way. The opening ceremony will be directed by Hisham Fathy, while the design and red carpet are designed by artists Mohamed Attia, the festival begins with festival celebrations and the 40th anniversary celebrations of the festival.

The president of the festival, Mohammad Hefzi, will give a short speech about the current festival session, followed by a speech by Dr. Egyptian artist Hassan Hosny, British director and writer Peter Grenoway, will be awarded the Faten Hamama Award, musician Hisham Nazieh, Faten Hamama Award for Excellence, and Russian director Pavel Longin, who will receive special awards for this event. Celebrating contemporary Russian cinema, the festival administration reports that there are other surprises revealed to the air in front of the audience.

The opening ceremony will end with the screening of the American film "Green Book," the winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, directed by Peter Varelli, by Bryan Hayes Corrie and by Vigo Mortenson, Mahershala Ali, Linda Kardelini. The event revolved around Tony Lib, an Italian-American guard hired in 1962 to serve as a driver for Dr. Don Shirley, one of the world's top jazz musicians, invited him to tour South America. Because Don Shirley is from African America, he relies on the Green Negro Book to guide them to small hotels, restaurants and gas stations, the eyes of every man in the world of other men, and directs their insights into the world where they live.

Festival Management: a cycle of pride, fear, and historical artistic responsibility

Cairo Film Festival

This festival is the only one in the Middle East and North Africa that has reached this number of sessions, with a long history since it was founded in 1976, said the festival management. Happy and successful moments, with some challenges and pitfalls of course.

This is also a big responsibility on the team, who came this year under new management under the leadership of producer and screenwriter Mohamed Hefzi, the youngest president in the history of the festival, who collaborated with the historical symbol of the festival, director Youssef Sherif Rizkallah, in the cycle formulation the main slogans are aspirations for the world, and the need to leave the festival to bear its cultural, artistic and historical responsibilities as the largest film festival in the Arab world. The festival will feature more than 160 films from 59 countries, the exhibition space will be expanded this year to include various spaces from the Egyptian Opera House, as well as films in the city center, Zamalek, October 6 and 5. The film will be given to festival goers, prizes will be given to film producers and local distributors to contribute to the distribution of the winning films in the Egyptian hall.

The 40th session marks the launch of the first edition of the Cairo Film Festival, which will last for five days and includes several activities aimed at supporting the film industry in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab region and a new version of the Cairo Film Forum. And various kinds of lectures, panel discussions and film lessons by top-level experts in the world, as well as interactions between Egyptian and Arabic filmmakers, and the most important supporters, festivals and decision makers in the world.

«Rizk Allah»: The official part outside the competition shows the most important film 2018

Cairo Film Festival – Photo archive

The opening film "Green Book" is one of the most important films in 2018 and culminates in the Audience Award at the Toronto Film Festival, one of the most important indicators of Oscar.

Outside the competition, the festival offers a series of programs that enrich the course and increase the level of public attention. The official selection section is outside the competition, which includes 12 of the most important film films of the year, such as the Kazakh Russian film "Aika" by Sergei Dvortsivoy, A red carpet (Jala) in front of the director and winner of the best actress hero «the last», Kazakhstan star Samal Yselyamova, and also presented the film «Love unexpected» in the presence of director and writer Argentine candidate Oscar Juan Vera and starring Mercedes Moran, Saya Malam which featured a red carpet (Jala) Bintang in front of a big film, becoming all night Cairo Star Festival and speculatively bright.

Rizkallah stressed that the festival will host the premier in the Middle East and North Africa of the Mexican film Alfonso Coran, a film produced by the Netflix digital network, which won the Golden Lion Award from the Venice International Film Festival and is considered by many critics as the most important film of the year this. The latest film special offer by Bill August, Jury member The output section includes 8 films, the seminar will be held in front of the filmmakers, and the films will be displayed at the Zamalek Cinema. To Egypt.

«Save»: We won 15 films «First World Show»

Cairo Film Festival

"This year, we have been interested in working on special programs for Arab graduates and in line with technology and cyberspace by creating new parts. This year we have the latest equipment, monitors and equipment," said producer Mohamed Hafsa. "This year's Cairo Film Festival offers the Cairo Film Forum to support producers and filmmakers, especially independent. The festival's program philosophy has changed and we have 15 films, the first international performances, something that happened for the first time at the festival.

He pointed out that two prizes had been made: a prize of $ 20,000 for the audience, the best Arab film award and an independent jury selection of $ 15,000, which would contribute to attracting films that other festivals would like.

Bill August is the President of the Official Competition Arbitration

Cairo Film Festival

The official competition jury will be led by Danish directors Bill August, Oscar, and Golden Cats. The group includes Kazakh actress Samal Yisselyamova who won the Best Actress Award from the Cannes Film Festival, Philippine director Bryanti Mendoza, winner of the Cannes Film Festival, Best Actress from the Cairo Festival , Argentine producer and writer nominated for Oscar Juan Vera, Belgian star Natasha Renier, who collected the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival, European Film Award and Cesar Award, Egyptian director Wins award Hala Khalil, winner of Italian director Francesco Mwinzi at five different awards from the Venice Festival, the owner's representatives stand out from Tunisia's presence in Egypt and the world of cinema Zafar Ali.

Judges from the Arab contest included Egyptian-Egyptian director Abubaker Shawki, who competed for his first film, "The Day of Judgment," in this year's Cannes Film Festival official competition, Swedish producer and producer Mohammed Qabalawi, founder of Malmö Festival, and Tunisian actress Aisha Ben Ahmed. Critics of Critics' Week were presented by American critic and writer Amy Nicholson, who regularly writes for the most important film publications in the world. The famous magazine "The Book of the Cinema" published its first book about Tom Cruise and Egyptian director Mohamed Hammad, whose first film, "Dark Green," won more than 26 awards. And Ahmed El-Hassani, president of the Mediterranean Theater Festival Tetouan, director of the film "Wachma".

The panel of judges from Cinema Tomorrow Film Competition will be composed by Algerian filmmaker Karim Moussaoui, who has won many awards in the field of short films, which compete with his first film "The Nature of the Day" at the Cannes Film Festival, and Egyptian actress Yasmin, for his role in "The Girl of the Factory", and German Cathy de Han, lecturer at Leipzig University and former coordinator of the Berlin Talented Program Festival. Finally, the selection of the best Arab film awards at the festival was generally decided by German critic Klaus Eder, Secretary General of International Union of Critics (Vibresse), with Egyptian award-winning director Aiten Amin and Tunisian producer Nadim Cheikh Rouh He competed in films produced at three festivals big world. This festival will not only be full of famous films from around the world, but will also feature the largest series of events and events organized by the festival.

«Shawki»: «Horizons» brings together the work of senior directors and young people

Critic Ahmed Shawky – Photo archive

Critics Ahmed Shawki, Deputy Artistic Director, said that the Arab Cinema Horizon Competition includes 8 films, including 64 Kilo, which will be played for the first time. This latest film works in the region, for various talents ranging from old directors such as Tunisia Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, whose new film "Fatwa" is presented to the rising director. This festival displays its first works such as Amir Al-Shennawi Egypt, Kilo 64 ». While the competition opened with the first performances in the Middle East and North Africa for the film "Umrah and second marriage", the second film by Saudi director Mahmoud Sabbagh.

Critics, Ghosts and Forums: Future Cinema Screens

Cairo Film Festival

Osama critic Abdel Fattah, supervisor of Critics' Week, said that the competition featured seven days and seven first and second films, representing miniature panoramas of the situation of young and different cinema in the world, with various narratives, including courage, desire to change and level extraordinary artistic.

Critics Andrew Mohsen, director of the Tomorrow's Cinema Competition, said the competition included the selection of 20 short films, representing voices that appeared on all continents in the world. "This year's industrial program is very important because it is a platform that opens partnerships for filmmakers. He explained that the forum will be held during the November 25-29 period.

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