Thursday , June 17 2021

Palestine signs an Arab Customs Co-operation Agreement

The Palestinian state signed the "ratification document for the Arab Customs Co-operation Agreement" on Wednesday at the headquarters of the League of Arab League-General Secretariat of Cairo.

The agreement was signed by the Ambassador of Palestine in Egypt and his permanent representative in the Arab League Diab al-Lu, based on the ministerial resolution of the Economic and Social Council and within the Arab League.

In a statement to the reporters after signing, Al-Luh said that with the permission of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riyad Al Malki and on behalf of the Minister of Finance and Planning Shukri Bishara, he signed today the document ratification of the Palestinian Accord to the Arab customs cooperation agreement. On the Ministerial Resolution of the Economic and Social Council in September 2015

He added that the accession of Palestine to this agreement opens the prospect of cooperation with the Arab nations' sister, stressing that the Convention is a feature of the Palestinian state, an independent total sovereignty that we – based on the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas – install and dedicate this diplomatic and legal Palestinian identity. ,

For his part, Dr Bakath Abu Al-Nasr, Director of the Arab League's Economic Integration Department, said the signing of the Palestinian State is in line with the resolutions of the Arab Summits and the Economic and Social Council and the Arab League's conviction , that the fight against crime and customs violations is more effective in the context of close cooperation between customs and administrations. Within the framework of Greater Arab Free Trade and the Arab Customs Union, by drawing up appropriate rules for administrative cooperation that enable customs to respond to changes in trade.

Abu-Nasr said the signing of the Arab Colombian Accord by Palestine was the third party to sign this agreement and indicated that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was the first country to sign the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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