Sunday , June 13 2021

Pyramids welcome the "changes" in the league and the bowl. Confirms: the agreement "more precisely"

The board of directors of the pyramid club came out with an official statement in which it announced the meeting of the changes in the Premier League and the Egyptian Cup in the next period.

The competition committee, headed by Ammer Hussein, announced a number of changes in the league and cup, where the stability of the match between Achilles and the Pyramids in the 16th round of the Cup on February 28 was scheduled for the League match that was postponed until April 18th.

The statement of the pyramids is as follows:

"The leadership of the pyramid club welcomes the changes made by the football association led by engineer Hanni Abu Ruda and the competition committee for the dates of the Egyptian Cup and Premier League

When the new changes ensure the postponement of Ahli and the pyramids in the Premier League and replace them with the same match in the cup race, the principle of equal opportunities after the second round match with Al Ahly in the Premiership before the last round of the first round with Zamalek in the same competition to guarantee more But the new changes do not add extra weight to increase the number of matches in any club.

The Pyramid Club's management reaffirms its full respect for all competitors with full confidence that the team is ready to face each competitor at any time as long as this does not violate the principle of equal opportunities

We affirm that we are not and will only want to claim the club's legal rights and will not stop without compromising the rights of others. "

The Pyramids have already issued a formal statement in which they announced their refusal to play Al Ahli in the league on February 28, before Al Achli and Zamalek played the second round match scheduled for March 30 to apply the principle of equal opportunities.

Al Ahly's board of directors decided earlier when he retired from the club meeting at the headquarters of the football union after the Zamalek president refused to accept the idea of ​​replacing the pyramids in the league on February 28 with any other league match or the bowl.

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