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Qatar maintains a leading position in gas suppliers to Europe

Against the backdrop of the power struggle between Washington and Moscow


Saturday 26-01-2019 at 3:30 p

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Qatar gas carriers

London (Reuters)

Qatar retains its position as the largest gas exporter in Europe, while US energy companies pump large quantities of liquefied natural gas on the European market to establish themselves in a market dominated by Russia and regarded as a major battlefield in Washington to limit the impact of Russia energy.

US LNG exports to Europe amounted to 3.23 million tonnes or 48 shipments from October to January, compared with 0.7 million tonnes or nine shipments a year earlier. The data shows that the United States comes only after Qatar, the world's largest LNG producer, is a gas supplier to Europe. These numbers have not been announced in the past.

Energy companies shifted sales in Europe after prices fell sharply in Asia at lower-than-expected demand. Prices have remained strong in European markets, which are usually seen as the last resort. "That's all for economic reasons," says James Henderson, director of the Gas Research Program at the Oxford Institute of Energy Research. "Liquefied petroleum gas will go where the biggest margin is." "There is no room for politics here," he said.

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