Sunday , June 20 2021

Real Madrid is competing against Ajax and the Canals today

Yes, winning a championship like the Champions League is a miracle and a big thing in the world of football, but we are talking about Real Madrid, the most expensive and most powerful European title has become a normal thing for the Royal Club.

13 Champions League titles are available at Real Madrid's historic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with five more titles from their closest rival Milan, who has seven championships in 2007.

Real Madrid has turned from a miracle to something usual. Like any other tournament, Real Madrid won four championships in the Champions League, five of them three times in a row.

The hero of the story, Zinedine Zidane, who led Real Madrid to three consecutive Champions League titles and wrote a history of the gold in front of him and the Royal Club, ended his story and decided not to complete his career with Real Madrid late last season.

The beginning of Solaris after Loppeti's dismissal resembles the beginning of Zidane.

Several months after his appointment as heir to the French idol Jean-Zinedine Zidane, Solari was hired as Zidane in one of Castilla's Real Madrid teams. Madrid.

Lopegeti was fired by Clasico, suffered a catastrophic defeat and five-point defect against a Barcelona goal in the first round of the Spanish League Championship in Camp Nou, and days later he was fired to be named a young Argentine coach Santiago Solari.

Classico decided the destiny of Loppeti, which also made disastrous results before, but the Barcelona match ended with all the other options for the former Spanish coach with Real Madrid, which reminds me a lot of what happened with Rafael Benitez in the season 2015/2018, at Santiago Stadium Bernabeu, then the results of Real Madrid worsened and the use of Zidane in the team of Castilla was rejected.

Santiago Solari's start with Real Madrid was more convincing, some drawing him with a new project by Zinedine Zidane and the leadership of the club headed by Florentino Perez who decided to reject Lopeggie and recruit Argentine youth at the start of the season before it was too late. It happened completely with Zizo.

Zidane's first season after Rafa Benitez's dismissal saw a miracle.

The start of Real Madrid's collapse, Rafa Benitez, was ahead of Sevilla in Ramón Sanchez, and the start of Real Madrid's collapse was against Seville in Andalusia, which did not look good for Lopez.

After Benitez's defeat from Real Madrid in Sevilla in November 2015 with a 3: 2 victory, the test was followed by Barcelona Barcelona's Santiago Bernabeu and Real Madrid's Benitez final.

Real Madrid fell to his home Santiago Bernabeu and his fans in a quarter for Barcelona and also without Messi! Everything repeats.

Zidane took up the task temporarily until the end of the season, confidence returned, and the personality reappeared and the results developed especially in the second half of the season and the start of the extra-class roles of the Champions League.

Real Madrid and Zidane's confidence returned to players, and the quality of the players led Real Madrid to win the 11th Miracle Championship achieved by Zidane and won the club in the Champions League, whether Solari repeated the same scenario and achieved Zizo's miracle?

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