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Review | Huawei creates a Silve camera with Pop-Up feature

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Review | «Huawei» creates a Silve camera with the Pop-Up feature on the news site today, Friday, June 14, 2019.

Huawei has recently succeeded in designing the Sylvie camera with the Pop-Up camera that emits from the body of the phone while shooting silvi images, integrated into the Y9 Prime 2019, the latest version of Huawei.

The pop-up camera works automatically when you use it, the front camera automatically appears within a second when you take silvi and returns to your place when you finish the photo of silvi. The Pop-Up camera is designed to withstand more than 100,000 times open and close. This means that if the user can capture 100 images per day, the Pop-Up camera will last more than two and a half years, much more than any smartphone. ,

The 16-megapixel Pop-Up camera and the F2.2 lens mount on the top of the phone come out when the user wants to shoot silvi and return to the phone after finishing.

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the front camera can accurately and immediately identify eight scenarios for different subjects and scenes. These capabilities provide a variety of imaginary effects such as providing lighting for 3D silkscreen and portrait images.

Huawei's consumer electronics group introduced the Y9 Prime 2019, which received a strong demand from the young consumer category. The new Huawei phone is a quantum leap in the category of high-quality handsets, although it comes in the price category, the first phone in its full screen Ultra FullView .

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