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United Arab Emirates

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Light breeze

Amna Al Ketby (Dubai)

Dr Nasim Mohammed Rafi, acting Director of Health and Safety in Dubai Municipality, has revealed that several projects are being launched to promote health and safety in the emirate, including a study to measure the impact of the built environment on public health in Emirate of Dubai. When drafting laws and building the necessary legislation and developing policies that regulate health and safety in the Emirates.
She said "union»« The municipality is working to update and develop circulars and technical manuals related to health and safety in accordance with international best practices and practices, and to upgrade the existing smart inspection system to comply with Dubai Smart Vision, and to apply standards for risk analysis and evaluation of institutions under the control of Dubai Municipality, as well as the launch of the Musharraf Security Program in public and industrial areas, which relates to the technical supervision of these sites, etc. Laga technical requirements for public safety. "
Rafi explained that an inspection campaign has recently been launched to monitor and verify the readiness of hotels and apartments to accommodate tourists, while providing them with a safe and healthy stay that monitors the safety of water systems, indoor air quality, swimming pools attached to hotels, resorts, and suites to monitor compliance with hotel health facilities. Health and safety measures to welcome tourists from all over the world, in addition to conducting home safety campaigns, in particular the safety of gas cylinders and electrical appliances, and reducing home fires.
She stressed that Dubai Municipality issues circulars related to summer and health and safety issues in general and published through the official website of Dubai Municipality and channels approved by the Ministry to ensure the implementation of health and safety requirements such as circular for preventing heat stress in summer, in addition to many information materials Safety of workers and professionals is available on the official website of Dubai Municipality and short films for summer are also available through the social media platform of Dubai Municipality.
She noted that salons and beauty centers are of great importance for their direct contact with the issue of health and safety, so that these centers are continuously monitored at several levels in order to apply the health requirements within beauty salons and centers.
Ensure the safety of cosmetics and personal care used in salons and beauty centers, and check product registration through the Manufacturers app to ensure their safety and safe use.
She noted that Dubai Municipality has been conducting many health and safety activities in the Emirate of Dubai to achieve the vision of the Department and the Emirate, through the implementation of continuous monitoring and audit programs to ensure the implementation of the best standards, which guarantee the health and safety of citizens and residents of the Emirates.
She stressed that the municipality controls and inspects public institutions, industrial facilities, shopping centers and event zones in the emirate, as well as checks for safety factors.
Campaigns are currently underway to provide drowning and heat stress in the summer and work is underway in July 2019, as well as ensuring the safety standards of construction sites.
The municipality also evaluates and registers consumer products after verifying that they comply with the approved specifications.
The municipality also provides awareness and education to various segments of the health and safety community through effective communication through the official communication channels and social media platforms of Dubai Municipality and updating circulars and health and safety manuals.

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