Sunday , June 20 2021

Saif Bin Zayed: "The challenge of tactical teams is characterized by professionalism

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahayan said on his official Twitter website: "I was pleased to attend the UAE challenge for Tactical Teams from all over the world in Dubai, which was distinguished by the professional preparation of elites and special units Various types of crises and situations that threaten the security and safety of society.

I thank Brother Abdullah Al-Marri and the efforts that have contributed to this high level.

Sheikh Mohammed also attended the fourth day of the UAE challenge for the tactical teams organized by the Dubai General Police Command and ended today in the training city of Al-Rwanda in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Police and General Security in Dubai. Sharjah Police Director-General, Said Harreb, Secretary-General of the Sporting Council of Dubai, and several senior officers from various police departments and leaders of the participating teams.

His Excellency attended part of the fourth day of the Al Burj Challenge, which was informed about the capabilities of the participants in the UAE Challenge team, the close levels of these teams and special units as well as the professionalism and specialized training to deal with crises and situations, threatening the security and security of communities.

The Organizing Committee of the United Nations Task Force's Task Force Task Force in Dubai undertook an effort to ensure the success of this event to challenge the positive aspects of the development of the Special Teams system. Methods of work, training plans and programs and equipment efficiency.


General Abdullah al-Khalifa al-Marri, head of the Dubai police, provided the unlimited support of Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan to all UAE police chiefs. Tactical teams based on the overall vision of His Excellency support the public security system and provide opportunities for contact with the best international experiences, pointing out that this tournament is organized under the directives of His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. In keeping with Team Elements, Especially from Tactical and Security Forces in 37 countries, he said that the UAE Challenge teams were created to allow teams to participate in the five days of different skills, tactics, work systems, and special equipment used by tactical teams to efficiently and efficiently perform tasks. ,

He added that creating the Emirates Challenge for tactical teams was the first step in coordinating efforts with the rest of the police leadership to take advantage of the experience and thanked all teams who wanted to participate and compete to learn about the new in this area.


Said Hareb said the UAE team's great interest in tactical teams has added a lot to this event, a global sports platform. The Secretary-General of the Dubai Sports Council praised the high organizational level of the UAE challenge for tactical teams and congratulated Dubai's General Command on the success of the first edition of the challenge.

The atmosphere is exciting

Excitement and power dominated the fourth day of the tournament, which was dedicated to the challenge of the Tower, where the US Office of the Province of the United States, first of all, at 3:15:25 minutes received a $ 5,000 , followed by the leadership team. The Dubai police, with a time of 3:33:35 minutes, received a prize of $ 3000. The US team Oscilla County finished third at 3:48:00 and won a $ 1000 prize.


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