Sunday , July 25 2021

Sports News After leaving the stars. The account concludes Suleiman in the movie "The First Man"

News of sports news after his departure from the stars. Solomon's report in the movie "The First Person" Source of the news – the seventh day with details of the news after his departure from the stars.

Egyptian news today – the past couple of hours saw Mu Muang Sulaiman leaving the star squad for resignation as Mohammed El Tavila, club president, or to dismiss him as Sulayman has announced. To Mr. Ramadan

Suleiman took the stars in five games tied in four games and lost one.

Prior to his training, Sulayman trained several clubs such as the Future, Military Production, Asiouti, Zamalek, Clearing,

During the training in these clubs he does not succeed in any of them, which we observe in the next report

In the future, Asyuti did not provide much and was not calculated by Solomon in his training record since his official start with Zamalek, especially since these clubs were in the second part before boarding to play with adults


Suleiman took Zamalek's lead in 13 games, won 9 games and lost two matches while painting in one


After Zamalek moved to clearing, and took the team in just 5 games, lost in 4 and tied in one


After leaving the meadow, he moved to Smouha, led the team in 19 games, won 9, finished 6 matches, lost 4 times


After leaving Smouha, Petrojet took the team in 9 games, won 3 and pulled one while losing 5 games.

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