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Stress causes depression

People who are under stress at the beginning of life are at risk of developing negative thinking, which can lead to a major depression, according to a recent study.

"The study supports a wide range of literature that suggests that depression can evolve from an interesting and complex interaction between biological and psychological sciences," said Dr. Emma Robinson, a professor at Bristol University in the UK. We better hope that our knowledge will be used to better target current and future treatments. "

The study has shown that offspring are more sensitive to negative treatment abnormalities when dealing with the stress hormone "koteosterone".

The study, published in the journal Neurology, shows that corticosterone does not have any effect on normal mice but causes a negative bias in animals from early disasters in life.

The study also found that rat disasters – at the start of life – are less likely to predict positive events and fail to know the value of the prize properly.

These deficiencies in remuneration perceptions are particularly interesting because one of the main features of depression is the loss of interest in previous fun activities.

Researchers note that these psychological effects can explain why early disasters in life can make people more prone to depression.

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