Sunday , June 20 2021

Sultan discusses with the Oman ecological delegation the importance of preserving biodiversity

His Majesty Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed al-Kasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Lord of Sharjah, received an Ecological Delegation from the Sultanate of Oman yesterday, accompanied by Dr. Khalid bin Said bin Salem al-Yaradi, ambassador of the Sultanate of the UAE.
His Highness and the Oman delegation exchanged views on the common interest in environmental issues and the importance of preserving biodiversity in different environments in the region through initiatives and awareness programs that underline the important role of society in protecting the environment and its natural resources.
The meeting affected the historical aspects of the Sultanate of Oman and the strong ties between the United Arab Emirates and the Sultan of Oman, as well as the efforts of His Majesty the Lord of Sharjah to gather many historical documents and manuscripts of Oman Sultanate.
The delegation visited the main hall of Dr. Sultan Al-Cassimi, where he informed the delegation about the most important historical documents, documents and manuscripts on Arab history and Gulf history as well as the halls of decorations and souvenirs received by His Highness Lord of Sharjah .
The delegation praised the efforts of His Majesty Sharjah ruler in various cultural, historical and ecological issues, reflecting the important role of Sharjah in the Arab and international cultural scene.
The meeting was attended by Sheikh Salem bin Abdulrahman Al-Kasimi, President of the Cabinet of the Ruler, Saif Al-Suwayi, Chairman of the Environment and Natural Reserve Authority and Ali Al-Marri, President of Sultan Al-Qassimi.

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