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The European super is a priority and I do not think to win the Premier League


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has refused to set any goals at this stage of the season before the European Super League match against Chelsea in Istanbul.

The Liverpool manager has said he is not "good enough" to decide whether to give the league a win instead of retaining the Champions League title this season.

The Liverpool manager won his first European title last season after leading Liverpool to their sixth Champions League win over Tottenham Hotspur.

Although Liverpool have not won the league title since 1989/90, the Liverpool manager has refused to make the Premier League title one of his goals at this stage of the season.

"Unfortunately, I'm not in a good enough position to make that decision. I have to make whatever I can," the Liverpool manager told a news conference.

The Liverpool manager added: "We did not decide last year that we would reach the Champions League, and we are ignoring the league championship, so we have to win our next game first."

"It's Wednesday night and it's hard enough. I'm not a genius, so I have to take whatever I can."

"Fortunately, last year, we won something and celebrated it, so let's continue that."

The match against Chelsea marks the return of Liverpool to the city, where the Reds won one of the most important titles in their history in 2005, when they won the Champions League against Milan.

The Liverpool coach commented: "I know the special importance of the city of Istanbul to Liverpool fans and what their memories have been there since 2005, no one will forget."

"We are different people as a team in 2019-20, but it's also very good," he said.

Liverpool are regarded as the closest favorites after Chelsea's 4-0 defeat to Manchester United at the start of the league, but Jurgen Klop believes the loss did not reflect their performance.

"I didn't know everyone was expecting us to win," the Liverpool manager said. "There is no problem with what people around us think."

"We respect Chelsea very much if you see the game against United and if you only see the result, you have no idea how to play. They played a good game."

"They are a really interesting team and they have a good way of playing," the Liverpool manager said.

Liverpool coach: "This is the first title they can win together. They will be 100% ready and we need to make sure we are ready."

"Whatever doesn't help us in the game, we have to ignore it and that's what we're already doing."

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