Thursday , October 21 2021

The European Union is studying investigations with Manchester City and St. Germain


The European Football Federation (UEFA) said on Monday that it could reopen investigations into financial cleansing after the release of financial documents leaked to Manchester City and Paris St Germain.

"Football leaks" obtained by German newspaper Der Spiegel show that the two clubs are too old to estimate the value of sponsorship contracts to show compliance with rules.

One purpose of the rule of fair financial game is to prevent clubs from getting unlimited amounts of money through excessive income for sponsorship contracts from companies associated with the owner.

According to leaked documents, the EU supervisory body has agreed that Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain will receive income from high-profile sponsors associated with club owners, with excessive financial value, according to an independent panel of experts appointed by the European Union.

Manchester City said the alleged leak was an organized effort to discredit it, while Paris Saint-Germain firmly denied the allegations.

Responding to a request to comment on the report on "football leakage", the European Union issued a statement on Monday, saying it could reopen investigations on a case-by-case basis when information appeared to show an error. The statement did not mention Manchester City or St Germain.

The European Union has defended the rules for fair financial games and said it has helped solve the problem of clubs suffering from debt.

Under the rules of fair financial play, clubs must have transparent income and overall expenditure balance These rules are designed to encourage clubs to adapt to their financial potential and prevent wealthy club owners from destroying competitors.

"For seven years European clubs have suffered debts of 1.7 billion euros (1.91 million dollars)," the European Union said in a statement.

"Last year, the total income was 600 million euros, without a doubt this was a success in games throughout Europe," he said.

The Continental Union notes that the system depends on the club secretariat.

"When the European Union can review the information it receives, the system depends on information that correctly and accurately reflects the club's finances," he said.

In response to "leakage", Manchester City issued a statement this month, saying: "We will not make comments about alleged information taken from the context, which may be obtained by theft or piracy from Citigroup or some employees or people associated with Manchester City. Organized and clear effort to discredit the club. "

The French champion also issued a statement this month, saying "Paris Saint-Germain always behaves in a manner that is fully in line with the rules and regulations of sports institutions" and completely denied the allegations.

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