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The last of them is Elissa. Famous people are chased by rumors of death

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From the home site, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

"Elissa's death after a traffic accident in Dubai," a social media blogger reported this news, angering Elissa, who had flared up from her Twitter account. "Rumors are stupid everywhere, I'm fine, there's no accident or death. Knocking on wood, stop publishing fake news."

Elissa was not a victim of rumors about the only death, but was preceded by a number of stars several times, and monitored by "home":

Adel Imam

"He is rumored to have suffered a heart attack which caused his death, but he scoffed at the rumors in the statement to" home ", saying:" Rumors about the death of a heart attack are different this time, and asked the promoter: "Are there heart attacks and no deaths or attacks the heart causes death? "Followed by:" The person who reads the obituary with obedience is Jesus. "

Karim Abdul Aziz

Angry about rumors of his death through his official Facebook site, saying: "Star Karim Abdul Aziz is fine and thank God, and there is no need for rumors by some suspects, and tomorrow will continue filming – secret male club – God willing.

Prince Karra

Surprised by the circulation of rumors of his death after a traffic accident while on the north coast, and refuting these rumors, for "home", then, stressing that he practiced sports at the gym, did not know the sources of absurdity, as explained.

Farida Al Zammer

The media did not reveal rumors about the death, but his daughter, Hindi female anchor Rashad denied the rumor, confirmed that his mother was fine, and the latter convinced his fans. He said in a press statement that he thanked everyone who asked about him.

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Source: Al Watan

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