Sunday , September 26 2021

The Nieba Driving Bell: Chamonix Open and then start screaming

Lebanese painter Nieva Karam launched her perfume "Let Me Feel" at a ceremony organized by the perfumery company, among a group of friends, relatives and some media.

Najwa looked confused, and despite the word, she said the perfume was thrown by people!

The non-converging sexual phrase and the size of Niewa Karam, as it was, was not the only event, but her screams and emotions in the great celebration did not take into account the public space or the cameras and appeared to scream in the neighborhood with the orchards gardens of the neighbors of Zaran.

Najwa showed those who did not know the country that she had to hide as she had done her whole life, but suddenly angry, she started screaming, "We have to be a little organized, stand on top of one another, we do not work, we do not see the picture all the time, the uncle works without taste I wish I could serve at every end of my life.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of the fascist, Dr. Holwood, who refused to give up his statements and said he did not miss the right of Naeva, who is a singer and receives a sum of 40,000 dinars and New Year's Eve.

Suleiman Bernabe – Algeria

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