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The Police Academy of Sciences arranges an educational trip to Sir Bonair Island

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The Police Academy of Sciences arranges an educational trip to the island of Sir Bonair from the site of Sharjah 24, on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Sharjah 24:

From November 10 to 14, the Police Academy of Sciences held an educational and recreational trip for officer officers to the island of Sir Bonair, accompanied by Colonel Dr. Mohammed Khamis Al-Othmani, Director General of the Academy, and a number of officers.

Colonel Al-Othmani said that this trip was considered as one of the extracurricular activities aimed at enriching students' social, educational and field experiences and developing their leadership skills. This is also considered a successful method of education which considers that it does not become a recreational trip without the aim of independent learning and direct observation. , And understand the relationship between environmental components.

Colonel Al-Othmani added that through this trip, students obtain good behavior, such as discipline, order and respect, in addition to the formation of benign habits such as independence, responsibility and patience, and developing social relationships and helping them to adapt to themselves and their colleagues. To learn about student behavior closely, which helps them to evaluate and discover their talents and care and development scientifically and wisely.

Colonel Al-Othmani said that daily programs included a number of activities and training programs such as physical fitness, first aid, training in fishing in the sea, knowledge of the marine environment, the history of the area, its geographical location and human impact, of more than four thousand and five hundred years. This trip will benefit team members because they increase the chances of matching and acquaintances between them and increasing the spirit of cooperation, teamwork and exchange of experience.

The participants on this trip expressed their joy with the initiative organized by the Academy for students and employees, expressing their appreciation for the great effort behind it. Colonel Humaid Abdullah Al-Mashrakh, Director of the Department of Training, stressed that the importance of this trip stands out from being an educational tool that allows students to learn directly from environmental components from direct connections to natural and social phenomena, and develops a sense of observation and opens new horizons for students to deepening research and studies, and contributing to strengthening good relations between students and gaining a lot of social skills, suggesting that it aims at Aadh student associations in their homeland by identifying various areas of difference and their characteristics.

On the outcome of the trip, student Abdullah Khalifa bin Huiden stressed that through the journey of learning many skills, the most important thing is independence, discipline, respect for time and responsibility. This trip also enabled him to gain a lot of leadership skills as a result of the tasks and tasks I did. Alhamdulillah optimally.

His student, Saeed Obeid Al Yahyai, ​​explained that the scientific and practical results of this trip were enormous, greatly contributing to the history of the region and its geography, also knowing closely the efforts of Sharjah Emirate to preserve wildlife and marine life in the region.

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