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The six main symptoms show that the man has cancer. Do you know that … Masrawy

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Thursday 14 February 2019


Experts from the cancer research organization in the United Kingdom have revealed six main symptoms that show that men have cancer.

According to Daily Express, experts believe that blood in the urine or stools may be a sign of bladder or intestinal cancer, so they advise you not to postpone a doctor's examination right after the onset of the symptoms.

Changing the shape of the breast and the appearance of secretions it irritates the skin of the breast can be caused by breast cancer. It is true that this type of cancer rarely affects men, but this possibility should not be ruled out.

Experts advise men to check out the specialist when the cough lasts for a long time, especially if accompanied by the appearance of blood in the ulcer.

Experts suggest, according to "Russia today" attention to rapid weight loss and the appearance of problems during urination and change the shape and size of the testicles.

"Symptoms of cancer and less serious illnesses can often be confused, which can initially be neglected," said Catherine Torrell in an article published by Daily Express.

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