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The truth about the revenge of the songs of her husband Ahmed Ibrahim after the return of his first wife to his height

Egyptian singer Angham wrote a letter to her husband Ahmed Ibrahim to resume the rumors of disagreement between the two parties and the news of the return of his first wife, Jasmine Isa, "From a source close to the fact that her decision to erase some of the images that link her husband from her account on the Instagram site because of her first, is the presence of comments that are very offensive to her right, not shrinking with the tones of her followers.

Angham has not deleted all his photos with his third husband, Ahmed Ibrahim, still holds his last picture of Mohammed Hamaki's concert in Jihad, but has chosen pictures that are very offensive to them, and it is worth noting that, Yasmine Isa, the first wife of Ahmed Ibrahim, has erased all photos from her account at Instagram Changed her name to become Malik and Isa after her two sons. He claims to have taken this step after inadvertently posting a recent photo to her with the wedding ring, which strengthened her confidence in her interests in favor to the young ones.

It should be noted that Ahmed Ibrahim refused to deny or confirm the news of his return to his first wife and refused to confirm his second wife's consent to this step and informed her in advance, confirmed by sources close to the first woman, Ibrahim issued an urgent statement that requires everyone to respect his or her personal life and not to make any news about his personal life, Mother of his children or his current wife, Anhama.

But some of Engum's actions during the technical tour raised further doubts about her differences with her husband, especially when she insisted on getting out of the car and entering the theater alone to get her husband to work behind her, trying to get her hold his hand. However, Angham did not pay attention and once the focus of social networking sites on this situation, Angham returned with husband to the concert Mohammed Hamaki to relieve the tension.

It is noteworthy that some of Yasmine Isa's accomplices have infused the news of her return to the disfigurement of her two children in agreement with Angham while others promote the news of the separation of the Egyptian singer from her husband after learning about the return of the first wife of his Ummah, which led Ibrahim to issue a strong statement with the request not to succumb to his life. Underlining that the publication of the news at that time was intended to disrupt the mother of his children or his family and put himin a difficult situation before his wife, Engham, and finally show the latter in an offensive way to his audience.

Deliberately confuse the tones

And Ibrahim expressed his anger, saying, "I was attending the goal of my mother or my children and the people of Astzizi that she had returned after divorce for my marriage (which I am in her language and her freedom choice) and I do not want to allow people to blame it for being a movie star that Gava does not sympathize with the other Rajdahl? And do not try to embarrass my famous wife and call her in the news because the news is spreading and the path to the irrationality of the sick patients in our insect society and not the Ante Vakrp people who are good if they are real news Hishofha Gedah acted in his wisdom and respected his personal life with his children and Hesipha in the case?

Ahmed Ibrahim: Why is there no respect for people's homes?

He said angrily: I do not want to look ahead, I play and I do not know what the six are and I do not do what stupid people blame me though I preferred to post news for the media months means Mavish each Niho to run the news from one of the most -freshness! I do not want him to look forward to my marriage, even though my children are still in my house in the care of my mother on the same studio street in Tai and Bhim and spending them daily and getting more Maaia what's going on before the crisis?

Ahmed repeated his objection to interfering with his personal life, saying: Why do not you respect the homes of the people? We are not yet a Hench, and Thani and a fool return to say that Saab is his home and his children and steal from his home, and Hys and Gas de Kani have 3 years !! Mesh Kvaya was silent about the embrace and delusion from the very beginning and refused to enter my opponents with my children and the result that our relationship improved much despite the scale of the crisis I got from the media!

Our right as celebrities is to respect our own lives

– What is the relationship between my appearance and my famous wife as a couple in the Bana program as citizens? Is not our right to respect our personal lives? Why do not we light up Tani's temptation after what my wife and I have suffered the known excesses to make the crisis because in the children we thank God for being stable and happy!

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