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Tourists of different nationalities challenge the weather and visit the pyramids (video)


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Tourists of different nationalities oppose the weather and visit the pyramids (video), Thursday, August 15, 2019 06:59 h

Egyptian television showed a video report that monitors the visit of a number of foreign tourists to the Giza pyramid archaeological site and identifies ancestral civilization, despite high temperatures, to confirm that the pyramids remain fun to roam.

One of Japan's Tourists: This is his first visit to Egypt and the Pyramids, adding that I have always read about this country in history books and my dream was to visit and see what's inside, the dream has finally become reality.
Brazilian Tourist: She visited Egypt for the first time and came from Brazil with her friends to see the seven wonders of the world and were eager to learn the secrets of the pyramids.
"This is one of the happiest moments of my life," said a European tourist, "I've always wanted to come to Egypt and visit the pyramids I read about when I was little."
While a European tourist pointed out that he did not imagine that the pyramids were so large, he was happy to see Egyptian civilization.

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