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Treatment of sensitivity of spring medicines, including antihistamines

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Cairo – From Mohammed Salah – With the onset of the spring season seasonal seasonality begins because of the distribution of pollen in the air of trees and herbs and millions of people around the world with hay fever or syringe sensitivity. The "very good health– he said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCDCMore than 8% of elderly Americans (20 million) and 8% of children (6 million) suffer from seasonal allergies.

What is the treatment of spring sensitivity 3
What is the treatment of the sensitivity of spring

Symptoms of Spring Allergy

Symptoms of spring sensitivity include:

– Sneeze.

– Nasal congestion.

– Silky nose.

– Eyes tears and itching.

– Throbbing in the mouth or throat.

– Safir.

– coughing.

Difficult breathing.

– Narrow chest.

Seasonal allergies may increase the incidence or severity of respiratory symptoms in adults and children with asthma.


Treat the sensitivity of the spring in several ways
Sensitivity of spring

Treat the sensitivity of the spring

Medicines are commonly used to relieve seasonal allergic symptoms or reduce the body's response to airborne allergens such as pollen and dust, and the options for treating the sensitivity of spring include:

Antihistamines act orally by suppressing histamine, a chemical produced by the body that causes allergic symptoms.

– Treatment of nasal congestion with the use of over-the-counter drugs is available in oral and nasal forms and provides short-term nasal congestion, causing nasal congestion.

Nasal steroid sprays are used by reducing swelling and mucus formation in nasal passages.

– Eye drops can be used to treat allergic eye symptoms in the spring.

– In addition to medication, people will often use a nasal throat and open nose passages.

Treat the sensitivity of the spring
Preventing the sensitivity of the spring

Ways to prevent the sensitivity of spring

There are some precautions you can take to reduce exposure to spring allergy:

– Do not go out on the street in the days of dust and dust and you should follow the weather forecast of the day before you decide to go out on the street.

– Close the windows and use air conditioning if necessary.

– Close the windows when driving and use the air conditioner.

– Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust at home, as well as the hair of pets and other allergens.

– Bathing before going to bed, body and hair can collect amazing amounts of pollen outdoors and also make sure you wash all the clothes you wear as fast as possible.

– Avoid draining outdoor clothes where pollen can easily settle into fibers and cause symptoms when you wear the dress later.

Treat the pollen spring sensitivity
floral pollen

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