Monday , June 14 2021

Vodafone stops using Huawei Chinese equipment in its core Corporate News Networks

Vodafone, the second-largest mobile operator in the world, has stopped using Huawei's equipment in its core networks, while Western governments have failed to resolve concerns about the company's operations.

Huawei faces increasing control over its relations with the Chinese government and doubts that the technology it uses can be used by Beijing for espionage. But Huawei denied the accusations.

Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Nick Reid said Huawei is an important player in the equipment market dominated by three companies, noting that its equipment is being used on major Vodafone networks in part of Spain and other smaller markets.

"We decided to stop using Huawei on our core networks while working with different authorities and governments and Huawei to put an end to the situation and I think Huawei is really open and working hard," he said.

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