Monday , June 21 2021

Youth Cup of Zayed Ben Mansour today for power

Abu Dhabi: Mohamed Mustafa

Sheikh Zayed Ben Manchair Bin Zayd al-Najayah for Youth and Young Adults will be held at 120 km in the field of the International Emirate's Village, according to the instructions of His Majesty Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Issues and President of Abu Dhabi Club. For equestrian sport.
The competition will be organized by the Abu Dhabi Horse Club in cooperation with the Emirates International Settlement Facility, the Equestrian Federation and the Sheikh Mansour International Arab Sheikh Festival. There will be a large number of cavalry and cavalry venues from various horse-riding clubs and horse centers.
Adnan Sultan Al Nuaimi, general manager of the Abu Dhabi Race Club, said the race has always been used to highlight new talents and stars in the sport of power. He said, "The racing axes are equipped with specific flags for each axle To make sure that they meet the specifications according to the conditions of the race so that the age of the horses is not less than 6 years and the heart rate is set at 64 beats per minute to get keep, and ensure the completion of the largest number of k not in four stages of the race. "
The total distance of the competition is 120 km, divided into four stages, with each phase given a distinctive color, the first phase being drawn in blue, 40 km long and the second yellow and 35 km long. White color and a distance of 20 km.

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