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7 legendary boyfriend 90-x |

7 легендарных гаджетов 90-х

Выражение о том, что миром прави тот, които правят технологиими, сейчас актуалной как никогда. In fact, in fact, it is relatively unpredictable to have inventions, they are advancing in the IT sphere of technology, and the interaction of technology – we have a lot to do with it. And the tremendous and the most nostalgic have to do with the technology, which is now a tenth of a tenth.

Naučte se, jak se létají, pokud se vám líbí tohle, protože to je to, co se děje, a to jak na to, aby to bylo možné, ale nevíte, jak to vypadá tak, jak to vypadá. Yes, that's a century, how in the perineum, and also in the direct meaning. But for many years, this is not a simple matter, but it has been loved, barely and hunted by the rovers.

The state-of-the-art devices are becoming more and more powerful, powerful and powerful. They integrate a variety of functional options, tem only replaces other devices. Это своего рода естественный отбор, только в мире технологий. As a result, a huge amount of product technology, how and technologies themselves, stand out beggarly. How do rules, devices that are postponed in sales, moral settles by a couple of then purchases. Relevant and attitude to such devices is not otherwise, unhappy. Раньше такая смета технология была более оститимой, нам казалось это чем-то невероятным, революционным. This generation of 80-x, 90-x and even partly 2000-x horoscope-valued and important cajjo deviessa. Yes and use such devices up to the same end.


Sony Walkman Cassette Player

Cassette player is a popular choice in a compact, portable device. In stories, that boyfriend swiftly confessed to a Japanese manufacturer of Sony products, which was released in 1979, in a massive media player under the Walkman Walkthrough, and has become a cultured personality.

В това време плеймерът смяташе, че е достатъчно маленьким, легким и, не незначително, модным электронным аксессуаром среди молодежи. At Sony's 30-year-old, Sony has launched a variety of "vokmenov" models with auto-tuner, autofocus, AM / FM receiver, microphone, microphone, etc.) for the consumer and the consumer.

How does a rule come from a two-pack AA, which is a parachute hour. However, you can save money, pay per click, or help with the carandas or checkers and check with the last check, kasaa and deformruja bataritsi. It is possible to watch and process battery packs on a soldering iron.

Peak popularity кассетных плееров пришелся на снец 80-х годов. This is not the case with other manufacturers, such as Toshiba, Aiwa and Panasonic, but also the Chinese army "good dedeley". В продажбе можно было встретить модели со встроенным динамиком, дисплей, двухкассетные аудиоплееры и дори с голосовым управм. Then, a 2000-year format of cassete-style CDs and a CD-player was added. Amazingly, however, it does not matter that the latest model from Sony was launched in 2002, the company has been inaugurated until 2010, and the Walkman brand has been expanded to include portable audio productions.

Nowadays, when you wish, you can buy a lot of dollars (about $ 10): и поностальгировать и оцифровать старые кассеты.

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