Tuesday , March 21 2023

A German car rental company has canceled a Tesla car deal because of quality


The German car rental company Nextmove has announced the cancellation of most of the order for 100 Tesla cars worth EUR 5 million due to Model 3 quality problems.

REUTERS / Amanda Voisard

According to Nextmove, the order was made in 2018, but after receiving the first 15 cars in the spring of this year, it turned to the supplier with objections about quality and completion.

According to Nextmove, the order for the other 85 cars had to be canceled after it was unable to negotiate with Tesla to troubleshoot a quality problem, including paint defects, improper wiring, dashboard scratches and headlight condensation.

Tesla, for its part, claims that it is just in the process of troubleshooting and has provided the customer with spare vehicles at the time the order was canceled.

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